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Lao Cai Vietnam

Lao Cai is a frontier province located within the northern Plains and Midland region of Vietnam. Lying between the northeastern and northwestern regions, Lao Cai shares the border with China on the north, Lai Chau province on the west, Ha Giang province on the east and Yen Bai province on the south.

Lao Cai is home to 25 different ethnic minority groups, making it a land of rich cultural as well as historical values. Setting aside Kinh people, H’mong ethnic minority group takes up the largest part of the population, followed by Tay, Dao and Day people. It is the cultural diversity that constitutes the special cultural feature of the land.

As a developing mountainous province, Lao Cai’s natural environment remains diverse and fresh. This is a significant feature that makes Lao Cai an ideal tourist attraction for both domestic and foreign tourists.
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It would be a miss if you miss Sapa in your trip to Lao Cai. Sapa is one among the 21 national tourist site of Vietnam with cool and mild climate condition all year round. Sapa’s landscape is characterized with forest, rock mountains, waterfalls and especially the traditional cultural activities of local ethnic minorities such as highland market, Sapa love market.

Lao Cai also takes up a large number of historical relics, natural grottoes, agricultural eco-tourist sites, and local specialties such as Bac Ha plum, vegetables, precious medicine herb, sturgeon, salmon, etc.

As a frontier province, Lao Cai has the International border gate of Lao Cai – Ha Khau, which accepts tourists from Vietnam to China and vice versa for sightseeing and shopping. This is a popular choice of tourists when traveling to Lao Cai. Rolex Replica


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